Pre-Release Video and first 4 tracks from upcoming album. Please do not post.



High Fire is the fifth and final release from Los Angeles indie pop duo The Donnies The Amys. The new album collects songs that have been worked on, in various stages and places, since their start in 2012. The first 2-song release will be Episodes/Make Your Money. (Nov 12 on TDTA records).  More singles will follow before the album release in February 2020. 

The band is going out as they came in, relatively unknown and unfollowed but for a few passionate listeners scattered around the world. Their key to social media success is not posting or taking any photos. They have, however, reached people from their many TV placements, including on Suits, Gray’s Anatomy, Riverdale, Reign, The Royals, and many of the reality shows on basic cable. 

Band members Donnie Stemp and Amy Wood will continue to collaborate on future projects, but The Donnies The Amys is (are?) dead. They had a good run. 

Listen to the last release Blue Dream:  Click here for Spotify / Click here for Apple Music

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Film and Television Placements:

  • Gray's Anatomy: Boxer + Clover (2012), Tenderness (2014)

  • Suits: Drive You Home (2014)

  • The Royals: Bright Lines (2018), Drive You Home (2015), I Told a Lie (2015)

  • Riverdale: Foxtails (2018)

  • Extant: Runaround (2016)

  • Heartbeat: Drive You Home (2016)

  • Reign: The King of Norway (2015)

  • Teen Mom 2: Getaway Driver (2015), The King of Norway (2014)

  • Keeping Up with the Kardashians

  • 16 and Pregnant

  • Young and Pregnant


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