Los Angeles indie-pop duo The Donnies The Amys will release their fourth studio album, High Fire, in late 2019. Since making a splash with their single Drive You Home in 2015, the pair have reached more than 3.5 million Spotify plays, secured a record deal with Sony Europe, and have had songs appear in TV shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Reign, Suits, Extant, and The Royals. DJ Sam Feldt’s remix of the single launched them to even greater heights, hitting more than 10 million plays and taking them to Coachella for a guest appearance in 2016.

Their most recent EP, Blue Dream (2017), features a darkly-layered, dreamy electronic sound, with live and sampled drums that lend a heaviness to the underlying ethereal quality. The album was recorded in between drummer/producer Amy Wood’s time spent working as an engineer and percussionist for Grammy winner Fiona Apple’s forthcoming release, alongside the third and most mysterious member—producer John Would.  When John and Amy aren’t recording Apple or other bands in their cozy Echo Park studio, Donnie joins them to add his warm, sleepy vocals and deeply resonant lyrics.

They have also toured in venues across LA and the country including the Theater at the Ace Hotel, Coachella, The El Rey, The Troubadour, and the CMJ Festival in New York. Singer Donnie Stemp is also a composer for TV and film, and drummer Amy Wood also produces, drums and tours with acts including Fiona Apple and Shirley Manson. 

Listen to the latest release Blue Dream:  Click here for Spotify / Click here for Apple Music

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Film and Television Placements:

  • Gray's Anatomy: Boxer + Clover (2012), Tenderness (2014)

  • Suits: Drive You Home (2014)

  • The Royals: Bright Lines (2018), Drive You Home (2015), I Told a Lie (2015)

  • Riverdale: Foxtails (2018)

  • Extant: Runaround (2016)

  • Heartbeat: Drive You Home (2016)

  • Reign: The King of Norway (2015)

  • Teen Mom 2: Getaway Driver (2015), The King of Norway (2014)

  • Keeping Up with the Kardashians

  • 16 and Pregnant


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